Modern manufacturing plant for best product


     Rising Solar Ltd. (Lighting Division) is a professional technical division for lighting technologies. It is engaged in design, development, manufacturing and marketing of lighting products based on LED and Solar / Wind.

     LED street lights, (solar / non-solar) or Solar Wind Hybrid, Garden Lights (solar / non-solar), LED Flood Lights, LED Focus Lights, LED Tunnel Lighting, LED Industrial Lighting, LED high-powered Spot Lights, LED Tubes, Wall Bulbs, Wall Washers, Ground Lights, Down Lights and other LED products.

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1 LED Bulbs Rising LED Bulbs
2 LED Tubes Rising LED Tubes
3 LED Flood Lights Rising LED Flood Lights
4 Solar Emergency Lights Radio USB Solar Emergency Lights Radio USB
5 Garden Lighting Solar Garden Lighting
6 Outdoor Lighting Outdoor Lighting …
7 Anti Explosive Lighting Anti Explosive Lighting …

     Our products are produced in most modern manufacturing facilities with state-of-the-art machinery from Europe and USA. We use imported Cree, Epistar and Edison LED Chips and high-grade aluminum and glass components. With more than 450 trained staff, technicians and engineers we are able to produce Best of LED products and market the same world over.