Manufacturing Plant view and process

     Rising Solar has a facility for 80 MW Poly-Crystalline and Mono- Crystalline solar modules. The solar modules are made in a modern automatic plant under strict quality control. They are well designed as per customer’s requirement with high efficiency.


Poly-Crystalline Modules              Mono-Crystalline Modules

     We use more than 15% efficiency polycrystalline and more than 17% efficiency Mono-crystalline solar cells for high efficiency.We use best components like high transmission Low E 3.2 MM tempered solar glass, good quality EVA, waterproof junction box and anodized screw free aluminum frame to make the Modules real weather proof for longer service life. The Bypass diode minimizes the power drop caused by shade and lower effects of sunshine.

     We offer from 5W ~ 280W power range for both Poly and Mono solar module and from 20-45W Amorphous range. All Modules are individually tested to ensure required confirmation with certification and regulatory standards. Our company strictly complies with ISO9000: 2000 QS Standards for quality control and has a strong in house quality control and testing mechanism.

     We comply with CE, RoHS, IES and UL standards. Our products are exported to many countries and we give longest International guarantee on our products and that speaks of our confidence in our products.