Rising Solar Power system division designs solar system for all users. Our solar systems are of innovating design and user friendly for both AC and DC power generation. Home, Schools, Clinics, Computer centers, social centers are regular users of this. Be it a small NO LIGHT HOME or a Large Solar Power plant we have solution for all as long as they are OFF GRID.

     Our Magic 405 (2 LED bulbs home lighting systems) is the smallest system in the range and we also give 20KW Roof top system for Home and Office users. Our main focus is still the end user and environment protection.

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1 RL 05 / 07 Solar Power System – RSHL05
2 RL 05 / 07 Solar Power System – RSHL07
3 Magic 405 Solar Power System – RS-405 (Magic)
4 100w" sizes="(max-width: 282px) 100vw 282px" /> Solar Power System – Home Power Systems
5 Solar Power Box N Solar Power Box (N)
6 . Solar Power System – HPS 09
7 All In One System Solar Power System – All-In-One (1-5 KW)

All systems are designed by our competent engineers and carry International guarantees. The components like Solar Panels, Controllers, LEDs and Batteries are our own in-house production which helps us to control the quality all the way.