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Photovoltaic interconnected power generation system/power station (ON GRID)


System summary

This system includes solar module array, DC conflux system, inverter, step-up system, and monitoring system. In the sunshine condition, the solar module array produces electric energy which goes through the DC conflux system and is transmitted into large-scale centralized inverter. The inverting step-up system of inverter produce 400V three-phase alternate current, then through the step-up system, raise the voltage level up to medium- and high- voltage, and supply the power for Public power grid. With the power grid, the whole system does not need to store energy so as to achieve the maximum utilization rate of power energy. The monitoring system can monitor the operating conditions in real-time and implement the long-distance monitoring by remote transmission.


  • Large-scale commercial/industrial solar ground power station
  • Photovoltaic rooftop and curtain wall of large-scale building
  • Other large-scale commercial/industrial solar applications

Main characteristics

  • The system capacity is larger, and it is equipped with a dedicated step-up station so that electricity can be directly transmitted into power grid, generally with level of MW or above.
  • The centralized interconnected inverter is adopted.
  • The remote monitoring system and the entire inverting control system can keep the operation stable.  
  • Energy saving, emission reduction and environment friendly power is produced.

Typical Cases


Solar interconnected power station of 1MWp.

The MW solar photovoltaic power generation project is a interconnected MW photovoltaic power generation project launched into commercial operation. It normally uses approx 6000 solar modules depending on the power and % quality. This can produce about 1,040,000KWh (degree) with a annual average saving of Standard Coal about 371.4 tons, Emission reduction of Carbon Dioxide about 926.3 tons,  Sulfur Dioxide about 31.2 tons, Nitrogen Oxide about 15.6 tons, Smoke dust about 283 tons giving great social benefits in good environmental.

The accumulative interconnected power generating capacity is about 220,000 degrees, conforming to the project design anticipation.


System Structure