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Solar Vehicle Battery Charger / Maintainer


Specifications/Special Features:

  • Solar trickle charger for 12V batteries, helps to manage battery drain in all seasons
  • Prevents your car battery from becoming unavailable
  • Suction cup available to attach the product to car windshield, or simply place the product on dash boards
  • Interchangeable connectors available: alligator battery clamp + cigarette lighter plug
  • Flashing blue charging LED
  • Blocking diode to prevent reverse charging

Solar 12V Battery Charger Kit with Stainless Steel Screw

slr charg

Specifications/Special Features:

  • Works in all weather conditions, including low light and cloudy conditions
  • Ideal for deep cycle or multiple battery banks
  • Water, shock and rust-resistant
  • Plastic framed to prevent scratching application
  • Quick connect with different connector (alligator battery clamp + cigarette lighter plug + connecting wire to charge regulator) are available
  • Built-in blocking diode to prevent reverse charging
  • Precut hole with stainless steel screw are available for easy installation
  • Special design poly-foam packing for individual product to prevent breakage during transportation